THBG is a 2 bedroom luxury condo, with 24 hours security and free wi-fi.

Suitable for those who want to experience life in luxury condos and do not have budget restrictions.
Facilities: pool, gym, playground, coin laundry, free parking

Unit amenities: TV, air- con, fridge, stove, plates set, cooking utensils, washing machine, dryer, dressing table, dining table, beds, hot water system

Sleeping layout for 4-5pax:
Master room: 1 King Bed
Bedroom 2: 1 Queen bed
Additional mattress available for add pax.

Sleeping layout for 8 pax:
Bedroom 1: King Bed + 2 Single Mattress
Bedroom 2: Queen bed + Queen Mattress
Additional mattress available for add pax.

TV  in living/dining area with air-con

Rates effective 1 Dec 2011:
RM395/night [up to 8 pax]
RM5,900 / month
Add pax: RM10/pax/night
Surcharge: RM25/night for 1 night booking or public holiday eve or on the day

For enquiry / booking, go to Thrift Holidays Enquiry Form

**THBG no longer available for rent effective Mar 2013**